Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Intrigue Co.’s F.A.Q. page! Have a question? Find some of the most commonly asked questions below.

 Customer Support

How do I receive an item that did not deliver?

Intrigue Co. offers a redeliver system at its main store location, for in-world AND marketplace purchases! Simply click the redelivery terminal to find the purchase that needs to be redelivered. In the event that the item is not in the system, please copy and paste your transaction details to Katharine McGinnis in-world.

I accidentally purchased an item with copy permissions twice. What can be done?

If you accidentally purchased an item twice on a no transfer item, please send both transaction details to Katharine McGinnis in-world. Please let me know if you would prefer a refund or an exchange (must be equal value).

I bought the wrong item. Can I have a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds/exchanges will only be given for double purchases, as most Intrigue Co. items are non transferable. Thank you for understanding.

Can I purchase a particular gacha item directly from you?

Gacha items cannot be purchased directly from me, out of fairness to all those who have played. Please search for “The Arcade – Gacha Events” group to trade for what you’re looking for!


How can I gift an item to a friend?

Left click on any Intrigue Co. vendor and select menu, gift, and type your friend’s name in the dialogue box. The vendor will then ask you to pay. Upon payment, your friend will receive your gift to them! There are also gacha machine with transfer permissions that are perfect for gifting!

Can you change the permissions of an item so that I can give it away as a gift?

Due to time constraints, I’m unable to change permissions of any Intrigue Co. item.

Brand Inquiries

Can you join my event?

Please send a notecard with the event details to Katharine McGinnis. Due to availability, Intrigue Co. may not be able to participate in all events.

I own a mall/rental. Would you be interested in having a store there?

Intrigue Co. is not accepting rental invitations at this time.

Are you looking for bloggers?

Intrigue Co.’s blogger submission application is currently closed. This F.A.Q. will be updated with a link to apply, once it opens again!

Please contact Katharine McGinnis in-world if you have any other questions. Thank you!