Intrigue Co. – West Spice Collection

Intrigue Co. - West Spice Collection


Step into a dark and dreamy world of imagination with “Burtonesque” by Collabor88’s own Charlotte Bartlett!

The witching hour, the moment reality fades, and our imagination runs riot. A shadow, a glimpse in the corners, a room tilted, blinking through exaggerated makeup. Lipstick shining, hearts beating.

For this round, Intrigue Co. offers the West Spice Collection, featuring a beloved character from the beloved open-sourced MMO Glitch. Helga the street vendor always reminded me of something that could reside in Tim Burton’s universe, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to bring her to life!

I hope that you adopt your own miniature Helga doll soon!

Visit Collabor88, opening October 8th.

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